ADFA Founder: Pandemic Prevention ‘One Of Best Things We Can Do For Future Generations’

WASHINGTON – In an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner’s David Drucker, American Dream Federal Action (ADFA) founder Ryan Salame discussed the importance of ADFA’s mission of electing forward-looking Republican candidates who will act now protect Americans from emerging threats to our biosecurity and free enterprise system.

On ADFA’s mission of prioritizing pandemic prevention:

“I’ve had a ton of success on the private side, in the business sector, and I think coming out of that, [I was] trying to think of ways that we could really benefit America and United States citizens — put something forward for future generations,” Salame told the Washington Examiner on Thursday in his first interview to discuss his super PAC, American Dream Federal Action.

“Living through and going through COVID, it became abundantly clear that we’re not prepared for pandemics and not prepared for … future viral outbreaks,” Salame said. “It’s really important — and it’s one of the best things that we can do for future generations to ensure that we are prepared for them.”

On ADFA’s impressive track record in the 2022 primary season:

Despite Salame’s libertarian bent, he concluded effective preparation for the next coronavirus-type pandemic must be led by the federal government. That, he decided, will only happen if members of Congress prioritize the issue and pass the requisite legislation. To begin the process, he, along with the political team he assembled at his super PAC, screened Republicans running for the House and Senate, ultimately backing 15 who supported his passion for pandemic preparedness.

On average, Salame invested nearly $900,000 in each candidate’s primary. Thirteen won their respective nominations, including: Sen. John Boozman (R-AR); Rep. Brad Finstad (R-MN); Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID); Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD); Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ); Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC), the GOP Senate nominee in North Carolina; and Katie Britt, the GOP Senate nominee in Alabama.

Also backed by Salame’s super PAC were Erin Houchin, the GOP nominee in Indiana’s 9th Congressional District; Bo Hines, the GOP nominee in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District; Dale Strong, the GOP nominee in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District; Eli Crane, the GOP nominee in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District; Mark Alford, the GOP nominee in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District; and Aaron Beane, the GOP nominee in Florida’s 4th Congressional District.

On ADFA’s role in future elections:

His plan for American Dream Federal Action in the coming elections is to continue supporting Republican candidates who believe in improving the ability of the federal government to respond to pandemics. Despite the country’s recent experience with COVID-19, Salame believes Washington is wholly unprepared to deal with the challenges that would likely accompany a future crisis. “I would go as far as saying, ‘Not prepared at all,’” Salame said.

Salame’s interview was also featured in POLITICO Playbook.

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