American Dream Federal Action Congratulates GOP Primary Candidates In Arkansas, Alabama & Minnesota

Super PAC Supported Boozman, Britt & Finstad With Television, Digital Advertising & Direct Mail

WASHINGTON – American Dream Federal Action (ADFA) – an organization dedicated to electing forward-looking Republican candidates who want to protect America’s long-term economic and national security by advancing smart policy decisions now – congratulated candidates the group endorsed and supported through television, digital advertising and direct mail on successful outcomes in GOP primaries in Arkansas, Alabama and Minnesota.

In Arkansas, ADFA-endorsed U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) secured the Republican nomination in his bid for reelection, while in Alabama, ADFA-endorsed candidate Katie Britt will now compete in the runoff election for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate on June 21. In Minnesota, ADFA supported conservative Brad Finstad in his successful campaign in the Republican primary for the state’s First Congressional District.

“American Dream Federal Action congratulates Senator John Boozman and Brad Finstad on their victories in Tuesday’s Republican primaries, and we congratulate Katie Britt on making it through to the runoff, where we will continue to strongly support her candidacy,” said Brinck Slattery, executive director of American Dream Federal Action. “America needs strong conservative leaders like Boozman, Britt and Finstad, who will work hard in Washington to protect our families and our free enterprise system from emerging threats, and ADFA is proud of the role we are playing to support these forward-looking Republicans.”

In Arkansas and Minnesota, ADFA made seven-figure investments to support Boozman and Finstad through television advertising, digital advertising and direct mail. In Alabama, ADFA supported Britt with a substantial six-figure investment on television advertising and direct mail.

  • Click to watch ADFA’s ads in the Arkansas GOP Senate primary: “Effective,” “Reliable,” and “Quarter Million.”
  • Click to watch ADFA’s ad in the MN-01 GOP primary: “Listen.”
  • Click to watch ADFA’s ad in the Alabama GOP Senate primary: “First.”

American Dream Federal Action:

  • Believes in leveraging America’s technological edge and best scientific minds to forecast future national challenges and craft public policy solutions to address those challenges now.
  • Believes that public policy solutions should have a positive impact on people’s lives and play a vital role in protecting Americans’ freedoms, biosecurity and system of free enterprise.
  • Focuses on the problems of the future which, if done correctly, should mitigate the problems of the present.
  • Supports solutions that will protect the long-term economic prosperity and national security of the American people.

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